Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved – Yes, it can cook that too

"I have cooked on a number of gills in my life and I honestly challenge anyone to find a grill that is more versatile and durable than a FireDisc.” The FireDisc will literally be that last outdoor cooker you will ever want to own. It’s not right, it’s not chef approved. Simple as that!"

FireDisc's have been ruthlessly vetted by some of the world's leading Chefs via the Chef-tested/Chef-Approved quality assurance protocol. Our Executive Chef, has custom-designed a ruthless 3-year certification process. Each and every cooker has literally undergone grill boot-camp and survived. Meticulous testing protocols ranging from material to heat and cooling level retentions, durability and versatility are the core of FireDisc quality and durability. So what do you get from all our epic testing? A grill that will not only barbecue, it'll bake, blacken, boil, broil, cook, deep fry, grill it, scramble, sauté, sear and steam. Yes, it can cook that too

  • FireDisc® Deep 36-Inch Tall Portable Cooker



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  • Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener

    Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener


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