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Your Gourmet Roadie Kitchen

Howdy everybody out there in FireDisc® country, we're Reckless Kelly. As a band, one thing we do and do well is tour. Something else that tours well, is this damn FireDisc®. Much like us, FireDisc® knows how to get on the road and perform. No matter the place, no matter the crowd.

Reckless Kelly

FireDisc® Portable Cookers are the ultimate RV co-pilot to rely on to cook up savory, restaurant-quality meals to enhance every activity imaginable as you hit the road. Don’t settle for boring meals just because you’re on the go. Your FireDisc gourmet roadie kitchen bakes, blackens, boils, broils, cooks, deep fries, grills, scrambles, sautés, sears and steams – enabling seamless meals from breakfast to dinner. Yes, it can cook that, too. Added RV bonus: The 3-piece portable design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage. No excuses, RV road warriors – pack up your FireDisc now, hit the road, and eat likes kings and queens.

My Favorite Products

  • FireDisc® Deep 24-inch Short Portable Cooker

    24 cut lock


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  • FireDisc® Skillet™ 24-inch Short Portable Skillet




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  • 4-foot FireDisc® Conversion Adapter LP Hose

    4-foot FireDisc® Conversion Adapter LP Hose


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  • Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener (LIMITED EDITION)

    Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener (LIMITED EDITION)


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