Outdoor Skillet in Austin TX

At FireDisc, we've created the ultimate Austin outdoor skillet. We drew on the timeless design of the plow disc cookers, revamped and rejuvenated for modern convenience. This is going to change the way you look at outdoor cooking forever. 

How We Set the Bar 

What you get is an Austin outdoor cooking device that is specially designed to meet your needs. For instance:

  • You can choose from deep and shallow bowl designs, allowing you to find the perfect surface for the meals you love most.
  • We have 36-inch stands and 24-inch stands, providing the perfect balance between portability and ease of use.
  • No matter what size of outdoor skillet in Austin TX you choose, the design is refreshingly simple and you can set it up or take it down in mere seconds.
  • One propane canister – just the 16-ounce, green canisters – runs the cookers for three to five meals, or a total of two hours. Carrying plenty of fuel has never been easier, and you don't have to deal with the slow heating times provided by charcoal or wood.
  • The high-caliber steel cooking surface seasons even better than cast iron. You want that excellent cooked-in flavor, and this Austin outdoor cooking device provides it with every meal.
  • Aesthetically, you can choose between a sleek black finish or a bold red.
  • We offer all of the parts and accessories you need, such as grill covers, wind covers, cutting boards, and our special Ultimate Grilling Weapon.

This Austin outdoor skillet is built to haul. It breaks down quickly to easily fit in your car, your truck and even your boat. It's a hit on camping trips, fishing trips, hunting trips and tailgates. No matter where you go, you know the food is going to be phenomenal.

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