2018 ATA Show Standouts – 4 Companies Exceeding Expectations

Posted on Jan 12, 2018

2018 ATA Show Standouts – 4 Companies Exceeding Expectations

Guess who made the list? That's right FireDisc!

Every year more products, and companies, are created.  Some dazzle, others fall flat.  The start of the 2018 ATA Show has been full of  products that are truly innovative and show the foresight of their companies leaders.  I have noticed four companies in particular that have stood out – whether it is thoughtfulness of design, handling, innovation or quality.  There are still two more days left of the show so there are bound to be more products that catch the eye, but first at first glance here are my standouts.


Every hunter should eat what they kill.  The folks over at FireDisc emphatically believe that as well and have developed a portable cooker with no assembly required.  These portable propane cookers are made with high carbon steel for excellent heat distribution and retention.  You clean and season the FireDisc the same way you would a cast iron, making clean-up a breeze.  It’s solid built frame is meant to be put through the ringer and keep performing.  Whether you are at deer camp, in your backyard, tailgating or even on a boat, this versatile cooker will be sure to impress.  

The FireDisc also tackles one of the biggest concerns for outdoor cooking – wind.  With their Wind Helmet to protect against mother nature, the cooking process will be a breeze.  It comes with a full line of cooking accessories and a hearty traveling is in the works for this year.

For more information about "Built to Haul, Cooks it All" FireDisc Cookers visit their web site at www.firedisccookers.com

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