3 Ways the FireDisc Makes Summer Cooking Easier

Posted on Jun 02, 2015

Nothing starts off summer better than cooking outside. Here’s some quick pointers to show you just how easy it is with the FireDisc Grill!

1. Tailgating has never been better or easier.
Cooking burgers, frying wings and roasting vegetables all in one FireDisc. No charcoal, no big clean up, and simple to set up. Try and tell me your grill can cook all that.

2. Easy to cook outside spur of the moment.

I don’t think weather men or women can ever get work anywhere else. You just can’t be wrong that often and still have a job! If the weather takes a turn for the better, I simply grab my propane tank, start the FireDisc and in 10 minutes I’m outside, cooking and probably drinking a beer. Nothing beats that.

3. Easy to cater large groups.

Parties at the house can be tough to cater and sometimes the indoor kitchen just doesn’t cut it. The FireDisc not only can cook everything you have on the menu but can keep everything warm on its low setting. I can’t turn charcoal down and even your gas grill won’t maintain heat as well as my FireDisc.

Come see what we’re cooking at firediscgrills.com under the Executive Chef page. We have some wonderful summer recipes waiting for you.

3 Ways the FireDisc Makes Summer Cooking Easier