Awesome Stuff 365 - FireDisc Portable Grilling Pan

Posted on Nov 30, 2017

FireDisc Portable Grilling Pan-Awesome Stuff 365

When you are enjoying your camping trip and admiring the beautiful morning scenery, it’s much better to do that while eating warm eggs and bacon, rather than choking on a dry granola bar. If you want that, then consider this Portable Camping Grill.

With this grill the more often you cook the tastier the food is thanks to the grill’s seasoned-effect surface.

The grill can work with both small and large propane tanks, and if you can’t find the flat surface to settle the grill on, its adjustable legs will do the work for you.

Plus, it requires very little space in your travelling vehicle, so you can take it anywhere the need for a home-cooked meal might arise.

And perhaps its best feature – you can install it in mere seconds since it doesn’t require any bolts, nuts or other tools that might cause you to throw your hands into the air in frustration.  


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