Choosing The Best Portable Grill

Posted on Mar 14, 2018

If you love the outdoors, you want to spend as much time there as possible. Whether that’s hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or all of the above. When you spend a good chunk of your time outdoors, you obviously have to eat and when we say eat, we’re talking actual meals, not just granola bars and trail mix. Sure, you could cook your meals over an open flame, like our ancestors, but that can greatly limit your variety. Instead, most people prefer to grill and to do that you need a portable grill to take on all of your adventures. So, we put together this blog to give you tips on choosing the best portable grill for your needs.




Since we are talking about the best portable grills, obviously portability is a major concern. There are a few things to consider here. First, how will you be transporting your grill when outdoors? Will you have a truck or RV? If so, your options are a little more wide open. On the other hand, if you need a grill for your hiking expeditions, you will need something quite a bit smaller that will fit in your pack and not weigh you down on the trail. The other thing to consider is your overall cooking needs. Will it just be you and a friend or two, or will you be cooking for the whole family or a larger group? If you will be cooking for a larger group and your grill is too small, you won’t be able to cook enough food at once.


Fuel Source


Gas or charcoal is a question that really can come down to personal preference. With that in mind, we recommend a gas grill for a couple of reasons. They are easy to light, even in bad weather conditions. They heat up faster and tend to be much easier and quicker to clean when you are done. Also, a small propane canister is much more portable than a bag of charcoal.


High-Quality Design


If you are going to be taking a grill on all of your outdoor adventures, you will want something that will handle the wear and tear of outdoor life. For example, aluminum might seem easier to carry, but the material doesn’t stand up well to heat. On the other hand, materials like stainless steel and cast-iron transfer heat evenly, for optimal cooking, and can handle the elements.


The FireDisc Solution


We took all of the above into account when designing our FireDisc Portable Cookers and believe they are the best portable grills on the market. Unlike traditional grills, which don’t disassemble and are a pain to pack, FireDisc is easy to bring with you on any outdoor adventure. The 3-piece design makes assembly/disassembly an absolute breeze since no tools or hardware are required. It operates on readily available propane canisters and stores flat. It has a flexible stand that can adapt easily to uneven surfaces, which allow you to select your outdoor cooking spot for the view, not the flat ground.


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