FireDisc 50 Campfires Review

Posted on Nov 30, 2017

FireDisc Deep 36-Inch Tall Portable Cooker: 50 Campfires Review

Every once in awhile a someone figures out a new style of cooking that changes the game, and we think that the FireDisc Deep 36 inch Tall  Cooker has done exactly that. There just isn’t anything quite like it out there. We’re having a great time cooking with it and here’s why.

1. The cooking surface is massive.There’s nothing we can really compare it to. It’s basically a 22-inch shallow wok with 5-inch sides that holds 5 gallons of liquid. Obviously, that will make it ideal for things like paella and jambalaya, but it also does a great job frying up burgers and dogs. The heat rings allow you to fry up the burgers and then push them to the outer edge so they can stay warm.

2. It’s a powder coated tank. The cooking surface is heavy, and that’s exactly what you want. This makes it rock solid on the stand and also provides excellent heat retention. The fact that they powder coated the and heated treated the whole thing to 450 degrees is just awesome. It’s not going rust and it’s easy to clean. You can even spray it down with a garden hose if you want.

3. Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s still quite portable. Sure, the 36″ FireDisc weighs 58 pounds, but the way it breaks down is brilliant. You simply remove the cooking surface (it’s not attached) and lift one of the two base pieces up to take it apart. All three pieces stack flat in your trunk, and you’re ready to head out. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you’re looking for an easy way to whip up group meals at home or at the campsite you’ll have a hard time beating the effectiveness and simplicity of the FireDisc Deep 36 Inch Tall Cooker. Yes, it works wonderfully for a family of four, but it really shines when you start kicking out larger meals to feed more people. In that scenario, it’s hard to beat.

Summary : Great for large families, reunions, hunting camps, etc. The FireDisc does a great job cooking up big meals in a hurry and is easy to clean. *****5 STARS*****

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