FireDisc Short Promo

Posted on Aug 14, 2013

The FireDisc® Mini has all the outstanding qualities of the 43" waist-high FireDisc, but is 33" tall, lighter, and is made for the ultimate in portability. The FireDisc Mini has been powder coated at 450° to withstand the elements and will not rust, dent or break. The FireDisc Mini is designed to be cleaned easily, and the cooking surface will mature over time to achieve an incredible chef- and restaurant-quality "seasoned effect" that will get even better each time you cook. The FireDisc Mini comes with a 1-year warranty and is designed to last a lifetime. The FireDisc Mini folds up easily and is extremely compact for a heavy-duty cooker. It will fit neatly in any small automobile, large truck, compartment, RV or canvas duffel bag. The FireDisc Mini is also great for anyone who wants a smaller version of the popular larger model. It also works great for sitting around tailgate parties, so you never having to get up and spill your beer while flipping your burgers. Everything is at seated position with the FireDisc Mini. Additionally, this is a great store-away home cooker. It's the ultimate charcoal and gas-grill addition or replacement. We encourage anyone on the go to pick up a portable FireDisc Mini. The FireDisc Mini operates with both small and large propane tanks, making lighting and cleanup super easy. The FireDisc Mini will also burn 2 hours on a small single 16.4 oz. propane tank. Pack a few, save money, and use a FireDisc Mini on the go. The FireDisc Mini is the number-one choice in quality cooking mixed with super portability and adaptability. Get your original FireDisc Mini today.