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Posted on Nov 30, 2017

The Voice of Scouting - The Ultimate Outdoor Cooker for Patrols


Oh my goodness, I came across this most interesting cooking tool just before Thanksgiving, the FireDisc Cooker. This may be the best solution I have ever seen for gathering 5-6 boys around one heat source to cook. It screams patrol cooking to me.

A co-worker bought one and brought it to work; as soon as I saw this I knew it was what I had been looking for, for many years. The weight, the height (24-inch model), the ease of assembly, the portability—one or two Scouts can set the thing up i minutes, there are no screws, nuts, or bolts to wrestle or lose, the flexible stand adapts to uneven surfaces and it takes both large or small propane tanks, the kind most Scouts could handle easily.

When you have been Scouting as long as I have, you are always looking for better ways to get a patrol deeper into the Patrol Method. I think one of the best ways is though patrol cooking. By dividing up all the jobs in getting a meal together the whole patrol feels teamwork and gets the satisfaction of eating their efforts. 

Take the video below and reimagine image six young Scouts working together to make breakfast. Two Scouts can set up the FireDisc and get it lit. A couple of other Scouts can chop onions, break eggs, and shred potatoes, while two others do the cooking. Best of all, the whole patrol can stand around chatting while this simple breakfast casserole comes together; this is so simple even a group of new Scouts could do it.

For more information about "Built to Haul, Cooks it All" FireDisc Cookers visit their web site at

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