What is FireDisc?

Posted on Feb 07, 2018

Cooking outdoors is very different from indoor or kitchen-based cooking. When cooking indoors, you have a full kitchen and all of its bells and whistles at your disposal, but when you are cooking outside you are limited to what you bring with you. Instead of an oven or stovetop, you must make use of an open flame, hot rock, grill or portable cooker. An open flame or hot rock can be useful in a pinch, but neither will offer you a whole lot of variety in what you can cook and a lot of people would have a problem with finding a random rock and using it for a cooking surface. Grills are nice, but again, you are limited to what you can actually prepare on them. Unless you have a really nice grill with a lot of added features, but that isn’t practical to travel with. This means your best option is a portable cooker, they are small enough to easily pack for travel and give you a much greater variety of food you can prepare.

The Premium Portable Propane Cooker

Our FireDisc portable propane cooker is built to haul and cooks it all. Influenced by the plow disc cooker (or cowboy wok) from past generations, our portable cookers are extremely well-built, high-performance cooking devices designed for outdoorsmen. They give you maximum portability and cooking versatility, with minimum effort. They can be assembled and disassembled within seconds, fire up fast, cook a wide variety of good food and clean up quickly with just water. So, when we say they are portable, we mean it!

What Makes a FireDisc a FireDisc?

All of our FireDisc portable cookers have a 22-inch cooking surface with three temperature zones that allow you to cook various foods at different temperatures or keep some food warm while you are cooking others. They also have a 5-gallon capacity to allow you to cook soups, chili and deep fry. As an added bonus, they have a seasoning effect, like other cast-iron skillet and cookware.

At FireDisc, we believe we provide the best portable cooker for all of your barbecuing, camping or outdoor cooking needs.

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