Backyard Party Checklist

Posted on May 14, 2015

When hosting or planning your backyard party it pays to have a checklist. Every chef that I have worked with has always had a checklist for every service he works, and it’s a great practice for home as well. Planning out the details will take just a matter of minutes and will save you time and hassle during the party. Chefs map out each minute and each step for the day, but they also look at tomorrow and the day after for tasks that need to be done. Take their working formula and add it to your routine when planning your next outdoor party with the checklist below:

1 Week Out:
  • Plan your menu and organize your shopping list.
  • Check your propane tanks for your FireDisc Grill, the smaller tanks will get you about 2 hours of cooking time on the medium high setting.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family to help with the cooking process. You would not believe how many people like to help cook during parties!
3 Days Before:
  • Check your paper items and party trays. Do you have enough plates, forks, cups, etc.
  • Stock your beverages and check your coolers.
  • Get a sharpie for cups! This helps people label their property and no one takes the cook’s beer!
The Day Before:
  • Stock up on ice.
  • Thaw any frozen items.
  • Check condiments like ketchup and mayo. If you forgot these things, 90% of the time people can bring them with them to the party for you.
  • Marinate, brine and season meats. Do not use salt here when seasoning!
  • Chop your vegetables.
  • Plan your cooking times and write it down. Plan when vegetables need to go on the FireDisc, when the meat will go.
The Day Of:
  • Set up a large trash can by your FireDisc as everyone will be around that area.
  • Organize your kitchen equipment and cutting boards. Have your kitchen towels laid out.
  • Prep your sauces.
  • Start cooking!

I hope this checklist helps you with your next backyard party. Remember, FireDisc Grills makes it easy to get everything you need to be a master of the outdoor kitchen with their online store at Happy cooking!

FireDisc Grills Executive Chef
Conor Moran

Backyard Party Checklist