Bacon and Your FireDisc

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

“The pig is a wonderful creature, you feed it an apple and it makes bacon!” – Jim Gaffigan

Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore and there are entire websites dedicated to show you just how to incorporate it into every meal time. The design of the FireDisc is ideal to help incorporate more bacon flavor to anything you can imagine. By pulling the bacon to the outside ends of the disc and utilizing the bacon grease rendered during cooking there are several ways to use this wonderful by product.

Cooking with the grease directly is a wonderful way to add a hearty flavor to vegetables and this technique is great for recipes like scrambled eggs, breakfast casserole, warm bacon slaw or even potatoes. Saving the bacon renderings can help add flavor as well when you’re not fully cooking in oil. Try adding a little bacon drippings and cheese to popcorn, create bacon butter with maple syrup or even create bacon mayonnaise.

Whenever saving bacon drippings remember to allow the grease to cool before trying to remove it from the FireDisc. We have a FireDisc shovel spatula specifically designed to work with the curve of the FireDisc that is ideal to help cook your vegetables and remove grease that you with to save. If you’d like more bacon recipes send your request to and I’ll be happy to send you some of my favorite recipes.

Bacon and Your FireDisc