Barbecue Styles from Sea to Shining Sea: What’s Your Style?

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

You may find it hard to believe, but the tradition of barbecue does not originate in the US. However, it has certainly become an all-time American favorite and household staple over the years. With so many different barbecue styles commonly used in various areas of the country, it’s hard to choose just one. Each style of barbecue used in specific regions of the country generally depends on culture and the meat cooked. Barbecue in the south is not just barbecue, it’s considered a subculture.

There are sauces, rubs, and spicy marinades. Some sauces are tomato based while other sauces are vinegar based. In some areas of the country, smoky barbecue is preferred while in other areas of the country it is preferred to grill with a premium gas grill. Meat could be cooked as is or chopped and mixed with barbecue sauce as well. Options are endless when it comes to barbecues. The sky really is the limit!

So, what’s your barbecue style?