Best Premium BBQ Gas Grills for Camping

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

The warmer weather has arrived and as we have shed our winter coats with great anticipation of dressing in less and enjoying the great outdoors, now's the time to get your grills ready. If your grill is on its last life or too bulky to take along camping with you, you'll want to invest in one of the best premium BBQ gas grill that money can buy before you hit the road for that next great camping trip - a FireDisc Mini 24” grill!

With a FireDisc Mini 24” grill, you can barbecue anywhere your little heart desires. So whether your camp in your back yard, down the road, in the mountains or out of state, if you have your FireDisc Mini 24” with you for the ride, you're good to go. It's small enough to take anywhere without hassle and a breeze to keep clean. If you have yet to pick up your FireDisc Mini 24” grill, now's the time to do so!