Chef Tested & Approved® Quality-Assurance Program Unheard of in Grill Manufacturing Marketplace

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

FireDisc® Grills specializes in the design and manufacturing of the world’s most innovative, high-quality and versatile outdoor grills and accessories. The grill products are designed in the USA and made from non-corrosive ultra-high carbon steel. The grills are currently available in two colors, and have a 5 year limited warranty.

Chef Tested & Approved® Quality-Assurance Program

We have developed a unique testing process that is unmatched in today’s market of grill manufacturers. Our new FireDisc® Grills Chef-tested/Chef-Approved®" quality assurance testing protocol is designed to ensure optimal cooking performance. Every single FireDisc® Grill and accessories brought to market have been exclusively tested no less than 50 times by teams of renowned chef’s via a comprehensive, patented, quality control process. Until these professional testers give 5 star marks, the FireDisc® Grills do not hit the retail floor.

Chef approved is something our customers enjoy knowing they are cooking with the highest quality of standards and materials achievable on a grill or cooking product available only from FireDisc.

Chef Tested & Approved

“I have cooked on a number of gills in my life and I honestly challenge anyone to find a grill that is more versatile and durable than a FireDisc®,”says Conor Moran, Executive Chef, Copper Chef’s Catering & FireDisc® Grills Executive Chef “The FireDisc will literally be that last grill you will ever want to own.”

Reasons to use a FireDisc Grill

Unmatched Versatility: FireDisc Grills® products can not only BBQ, they bake, blacken, boil, broil, cook, deep fry, grill, scramble, sauté, sear, steam, stir-fry, creating more recipes than any other outdoor grill combined.

Portability/Durability: Bullet-proof carbon-steel yields durability while 3-piece portable design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage in the car trunk, SUV, RV, tent, truck bed, or garage.

Inexpensive to Operate: The LP regulator is designed to run off a 16.4 oz. green propane tank and is also adaptable to a white 20 lb. propane tank. No charcoal cost and lighter fluid cost.

Easy Clean Up: Hose off, dry, and wipe clean with oil in seconds (We do not recommend using soap)

Chef Tested & Approved®: A rigorous “Chef-tested/Chef-Approved®” quality assurance program enables the grills to deliver unmatched grilling characteristics, as they have been vetted by some of the world’s leading chef’s.

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FireDisc® Grills: Rigorously Vetted by Culinary Experts via New Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved® Quality-Assurance Protocol Unheard of in Grill Manufacturing Marketplace