Cooking Oils

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

With the versatility of the FireDisc you can sauté, fry and roast and it is best to know which oils are ideal for which method of cooking. Here’s a quick summary of the oils you should be using when cooking different ways.

Olive Oil
With a rich flavor it is best for salad dressing and sautéing.

  • Extra Virgin – Smoke point 320 F
  • Virgin – Smoke point 420 F
  • Pomace – Smoke point 460 F

Canola Oil
All around all purpose cooking oil with a neutral flavor. Best because it usually is inexpensive. Smoke point 400 F.

Peanut Oil
Used best in Asian dishes or for roasting, grilling and deep frying. Smoke point 450 F.

Grapeseed Oil
Light neutral flavor best for salad dressings, sautéing and light frying. Smoking point 392 F.

Sesame Oil
Dark sesame oil is great for stir fry and dipping sauces. Light sesame oil is better for deep frying. Smoke point 410 F.

Corn Oil
Best for deep frying. Smoke point 450 F.

Cooking Oils