Cooking with Alcohol Recipe

Posted on Jun 10, 2015

Last week after we talked about cooking with beer we received some questions about cooking with other types of alcohol. Here’s a quick tip list for you:

1) Alcohol cooks off.

The USDA states that the following cooking methods retains the following amount of alcohol; flambé 75%, simmered / baked for 1 hour 25% and simmered / baked for 2 1/2 hours 5%.

2) “Cook with what you drink” doesn’t mean what you think!

When people talk about this they are suggesting that you don’t use a really bad wine to cook with. They ARE NOT saying that you cook with expensive or even good wine, just something that isn’t terrible. Please do not cook with anything more than what you would consider decent table wine or liquors!

3) Dark with dark, light with light when marinating.

Dark meats pair best with darker alcohol (whiskey), white meat pairs better with lighter spirits (gin).

4) Bake it in.

There are tons of desert recipes that call for baking with liquor and adding a few tablespoons of liquor to a cake batter can add just the right amount of subtle flavoring.

Cooking with Alcohol Recipe