Cooking with High Heat

Posted on Aug 05, 2015

Most calls and emails we receive about cooking on the FireDisc are concerning the high temperature that the FireDisc can achieve. Some people fear this as they are unfamiliar with cooking at this temperature level. Obviously the most apparent answer is to set your FireDisc to a lower temperature setting, but I’d like to comment that this is not always the best solution.

If you are cooking meat and are trying to achieve a perfect brown sear, the higher the temperature the better. Do not fear if you see light “smoke” from your oil begin to form from your FireDisc as this is a sign that you’re at the proper high temperature. You want to hit the steak with this heat to create what is called a Maillard Reaction, basically what happens to form the brown crust.

Also, keeping your FireDisc at a high temperature and the added benefit of the carbon steel being able to retain the high heat, you can sear more steaks without losing the high heat needed. Cooking vegetables at a high heat also helps create firmer textures and better flavor.

So don’t fear the heat, use it!

Cooking with High Heat