Gas Grills on Sale: Buy the Best BBQ and Outdoor Portable Grills

Posted on Oct 08, 2015

FireDisc Grills® specializes in making the most versatile outdoor grill on the market today. The products are designed in the USA from non-corrosive carbon steel, are available in two colors, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

FireDisc® Grills are hand crafted to stand up with any punishment you can throw at them. Each of these FireDisc® gas grills are powder-coated at over 450 degrees, which sustains only the toughest protection against the elements and will not, break, dent, nor bend. The grills are hand inspected and made only of the finest quality of carbon steel. Mechanically designed, each grill is designed with ease of use and portability in mind.

Discover a world of versatility, flavor, and easy maintenance with both the full-size and the mini models. With each of these hand crafted grills manufactured to precise specifications, the FireDisc® grill has no screws, nuts, or bolts to worry about breaking or falling off. The grill collapses down to 3 pieces and lays flat in any car truck, sports utility vehicle, RV or truck bed.

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Whether planning a summer barbecue, camping for the weekend, or tailgating at the football game on a Sunday afternoon, the rough and tumble FireDisc is ready to grill. Shop for grills & grill accessories online.

Find the Best Gas Grills for Sale

FireDisc Grills® provides the best grill for all of your barbecuing or camping needs.

BBQ Grills
When you’re getting ready to plan your next big barbecue, make sure you fire up the BBQ grill with one of FireDisc Grills backyard grills. The versatile FireDisc grill adjusts to both small and large propane tanks depending upon your personal needs. Not only that, but the stand is completely adjustable, too.

grills on sale

When you’re in search of the best BBQ grills on sale around, look no further than, FireDisc Grills.

Portable Grills
FireDisc Grills offers only the very best in portable grills for any occasion. Our customers love to use our portable grills in a variety of situations and we work hard to accommodate all of the needs of our customers by creating quality, portable grills that can go just about anywhere.

  • Tailgating
  • Camping
  • Backyard Grilling
  • Picnics and Gatherings

When you need a portable grill, insist on getting only the very best. Search for the best portable grills for sale from FireDisc Grills.

Outdoor Grills
FireDisc Grills offers outdoor grills that will allow you to get the most out of your good times. The best parts about the Grills are that they are durable, compact and look great all year round. Their versatility allows these quality grills to be there wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Backyard Parties
  • A Day in the Park
  • Making Gourmet Foods

Find the best outdoor gas grills for sale and you will find something that will make your grilling moments memorable.

Camping Grills
We have designed our grills to be light, portable and adaptable to your camping situation. All you need to bring with you are some compact gas canisters and you are ready to grill whatever you hunt or catch.

camping grills on sale

With a FireDisc mini camping grill, you are going to get the most out of your camping trips.

Buy Custom Gas Grills

Whether you're planning a summer BBQ, camping for the weekend, or tailgating at the football game on a Sunday afternoon, the rough and tumble FireDisc® is ready to grill.

Discover a world of versatility, flavor, and easy maintenance with both the full-size 36” and the 24” mini models. The FireDisc® comes in your choice of black or red.

1. FireDisc® (36") Grill

The FireDisc® 36” was designed so that you can find your own perfect kitchen location without having to bend over or strain you back after a long day of mountain biking, deer hunting or just a long adventure with the family.

portable grills sale

As far as versatility goes, the 36" tall FireDisc® is unmatched, adjustable to both large and small propane tanks. Cooking in a sloped campsite? No problem -- the FireDisc® features an adjustable stand to let you set up a flat cooking surface no matter where you are.

It's completely portable, designed to fold up and lay flat so you can slide it into the back of your car trunk or SUV for those summer camping trips. Best of all? No screws, nuts, or bolts to worry about rusting or falling off.

2. FireDisc Mini (24") Grill

The FireDisc® Mini 24” was designed so that you can sit and cook when you are just worn out from the long hike, camping trip, hunting adventure or from reeling in all those monster fish.

outdoor grills for sale

The FireDisc Mini features an adjustable stand that ensures you'll always have a flat cooking surface. Don't let its size fool you – this grill is built to be tougher than anything you can throw at it. Camping, tailgate parties, Hunting camps, – it doesn't matter, the FireDisc Mini will grill through the toughest conditions.

Popular Foods to Grill
America’s all-time favorite foods to grill on your favorite outdoor premium BBQ gas grills are:

  • Burgers
  • Steak
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chicken

Burgers are the most popular food choice amongst Americans when it’s time to fire up the grill. When it comes to grilling side dishes, America enjoys the following popular choices and they are favorited in the following order:

  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Other Vegetables

Popular barbecue and grilling flavors, in no particular order, include the following:

  • Hickory
  • Honey
  • Mesquite
  • Spicy-Hot

Best Places and Popular Times to Fire up the Grill

According to statistics, the 3 most popular times for folks to get out their premium BBQ gas grills, or charcoal grills for some barbecue grub include:

  • Fourth of July
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend

Here are some of the most common places that grill owners choose to bring their portables along for the ride:

  • Football Games
  • Sports Arenas
  • NASCAR Events
  • Camping
  • Local Parks
  • Beaches
  • Vacation Property

Grilling Recipes

With the versatility of the FireDisc Grill, there is simply nothing that matches its incredible variety of cooking abilities. From perfectly seared steaks to downright delicious broiled crawfish, nothing can touch the range of recipes that can be cooked on the FireDisc! If you own a FireDisc, its simple to maintain, easy to clean, and it can literally go anywhere you want to (outdoors that is).

Here are some of the famous and delicious recipes from FireDisc Grills.

Beef or Chicken Fajitas
Enjoy the season to the fullest with our Custom Beef or Custom Chicken Fajitas recipes.

Texas Style (Philly) Cheese Steaks
Short on time but still want to sit down to a delicious grilled meal with your family? This meal is ready to eat in about half an hour or less.

Lonestar Burgers
Nothing is primal—or more satisfying—than pieces of meat cooked over flames. Our Custom Lonestar Burgers are great grilled!

Texas Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes served with lemon wedges & tarter sauce. Makes approximately 8 servings.

South Texas Breakfast Tacos
Begin your morning with these delicious South Texas Breakfast Tacos. Quick, easy and delicious!

Texan Chili Chicken and Basil
A very healthy Asian dish with a Texas twist!

Osborn Naked Buffalo Chicken Wings
A biting mixture of spices and Rooster Red sauce gives these fried chicken wings and drums plenty of gusto.

Come check out mouth-watering grilling recipes for your backyard cook off and see the range of cooking possibilities.

Reasons to Use FireDisc Grills®

1. Unmatched Versatility
FireDisc Grills® products can… Barbeque, Bake, Blacken, Boil, Broil, Cook, Deep Fry, Grill, Scramble, Sauté, Sear, Steam, Stir-fry, creating more recipes than any other outdoor grill combined.

2. Portability

  • More Portable than any other grill on the market.
  • The grill collapses down to 3 pieces and lays flat in any car truck, sports utility vehicle, RV or truck bed.

3. Durability

  • Made of Ultra high polished carbon steel tempered for extreme ductility, hardness, yield strength, and impact resistance.
  • No nuts or bolts to worry about

4. Inexpensive to operate

  • The LP regulator is designed run off a 16.4 oz. green propane tank as is also adaptable to a white 20 lb. propane tank.
  • No charcoal cost
  • No lighter fluid cost

5. Easy Clean Up

  • Hose off, dry, and wipe clean with oil in seconds (We do not recommend using soap)

6. Quality You Can Cook On®!

  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Chef Tested and Chef Approved

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