No Mess Outdoor Cooking

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Ease the pain of your next BBQ and love cooking outdoors again. No grill is easier to clean, easier to move, or easier to store.

I have had a wonderful chance to talk to so many people about the FireDisc and its amazing cooking abilities. Funny enough, more and more people talk to me about the cleanup issues they have with their current grills and how the FireDisc eliminates this hassle. Not only is storage of the FireDisc a hundred times simpler but the set up and breakdown is a cinch. Its portable design was created to make taking the FireDisc from the garage, to the back yard, to the tailgate and then to the camping trip as easy as possible.

With no charcoal to clean up, stock or store and no flimsy bolted parts to the FireDisc, buyers have come to love the ease of outdoor cooking again! I have heard time and time again the aches and pains of having to clean up charcoal ash, remove and clean up grease, scrape and scrub the grills; all in the name of cooking outside. Because of the disc’s high quality carbon steel a simple rinse with water and a wipe down with a clean towel is all that is needed to clean your FireDisc.

Nothing could be simpler! Enjoy cooking outside of the kitchen again.

No Mess Outdoor Cooking