The Orgill Trade Show 2015 in New Orleans

Posted on Sep 01, 2015

Hey everyone, we just got back from the Orgill Trade Show in New Orleans. What a fun event! I had the chance to meet several of our retailers from all over the country and we also gained several new partners for FireDisc Grills. Our booth was tucked in with several other grill builders and it was great to talk shop with all the other vendors.

Not only was the trade show was a huge success but we also had the chance to visit the city of New Orleans. Of course we walked Bourbon Street but we ventured out to some great restaurants, most notably Cochon Butcher and Mother’s Restaurant. If you ever have the chance to try these two spots, make the effort to go!

Check out some of the pictures from the trade show and trip! We look forward to visiting a city near you soon!

Chef Conor
Executive Chef of FireDisc Grills

The Orgill Trade Show 2015 image2

The Orgill Trade Show 2015 image2