The Pig vs The Cow

Posted on May 22, 2015

This is a great conversation, and sometimes argument, starter that I really enjoy. As a social experiment when I'm around people I do not know well I like to ask, "Which animal is better for eating, the pig or the cow?" For some people the reaction is almost instantaneous and they say, "The cow, beef is the best!", others argue that the pig reigns supreme as it can produce bacon. So then the group starts to line up their arguments against each other, New York strip steaks are pitted against pork chops, veal fights prosciutto and brisket battles baby back ribs.

For me I have to think of the argument as, "Which would I rather eat for the rest of my life?" and I'd have to say that beef wins out on this argument. As much as I love bacon, steak takes the cake. Let me know what you think? If the argument over whether on not the dress is blue and white or gold and white or whatever the heck it was, I'm confident that the argument over cow vs pig can entice some good conversation. Trust me, I use it all the time to break the ice at parties.

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Conor Moran

The Pig vs The Cow