The Top Holidays for Outdoor Barbecuing

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Whether you’re camping out in the mountains or grilling chicken in the comfort of your own backyard, these are the top holidays for outdoor barbecuing. The top holidays for grilling include dun, dun, dun...the 4th of July, May's Memorial Day weekend, and of course September's very own Labor Day weekend. But we bet you probably already knew these would be the top holidays, right?

Of course you did, because you’re likely out there ready to grill just like clockwork on those days of the year. Those are some of the best holidays to grill. With that said, it’s not set in stone that these are the only holidays to barbecue. You can go camping and barbecue whenever your heart desires, just don’t forget to bring your premium BBQ gas grills with you for the big trip and the most important gas grill of them all… your portable and virtually indestructible FireDisc aka Discada!

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