Disc Cooker Accessories in California

Nothing tastes quite like delicious food cooked outdoors. Our premium FireDisc Cookers and California disc cooker accessories provide you with everything you need to get a great-tasting meal wherever you are, from camping in the great outdoors to a weekend fishing trip.

Get the #1 Outdoor Cooker and Disc Cooker Accessories in California

Our cookers have extreme portability, high-carbon construction built to last and can cook virtually anything you can think of. With its large cooking surface, deep design and three heat zones, you can never go wrong no matter what’s on the menu. In addition to three top-of-the line cookers, we offer plenty of accessories, including:

  • The Ultimate Frying Weapon, a rugged spatula comprised of heavy gauge steel and designed in a 22-inch length with a rubber-molded, high heat handle
  • The Ultimate Cooking Weapon, a five-star rated stainless steel spatula with a 20-inch length and a scoop-shovel design 5.5 inches wide
  • The FireDisc Wind Helmet that allows you to keep your flame intact and cook even on windy days
  • The FireDisc Cover, which is a handmade, heavy-duty cover that will protect your investment

In addition, you can find replacement parts, knives and cutting boards, adaptor hoses and more. You can even find an extensive assortment of California disc cooker recipes ranging from old-fashioned favorites to healthy contemporary meal ideas. Whether you’re in the mood for game-day wings, fresh crab cakes, breakfast tacos, donut holes, bacon-wrapped chicken and asparagus or you want to spice things up with a sizzling jalapeno burger, you’ll find some of the best disc cooker recipes in California on our website.

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Representatives are standing by, so view our disc cookers accessories in our products page. Once you have everything you need, check out all of our delicious California disc cooker recipes to get inspiration for your next meal.