Outdoor Cast Iron Cooker in California

Whether you spend every weekend hiking and camping far from civilization, or you enjoy the occasional backyard BBQ, there’s an innovative, new California outdoor steel cooker that’s just right for your needs. The FireDisc Cooker is the grill of your dreams. It’s portable, durable and it cooks with the flavor and ease of an outdoor cast iron cooker in California.

Try the Proven Outdoor Steel Cooker in California for Your Next BBQ

The FireDisc Cooker was designed to be a California outdoor steel cooker worthy of everyone from amateur grilling aficionados to busy hunters and top chefs. Give it a try and discover how easy outdoor cooking can be.

  • FireDisc Cookers come in two sizes and break down into three pieces for easy transportation. It sets up and breaks down in seconds.
  • Don’t worry about finding room for the grill and all the heavy grill equipment. All you need for the FireDisc Cooker is the compact grill itself, a small 16 oz. tank of propane, and some water for quick cleanup afterward. 
  • Built out of heavy-duty, ultra-high carbon steel, this grill is built to last like no other grill. The carbon steel also gives you a non-stick cooking surface and the superior flavor of a California outdoor cast iron cooker. It’s been tested and approved by world-renowned chefs to make sure it gives you a superb cooking experience.
  • Take advantage of this grill’s 5-gallon capacity and 22-inch cooking surface to make anything and everything your heart desires. It comes equipped with a variety of separate temperature zones for preparing multiple parts of a meal at once. It’s perfect for tailgating, cooking down at the dock after a day of fishing, or simply cooking up burgers and vegetables in the backyard.

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