Portable Outdoor Propane Cooker in California

Our California portable backpacking propane cooker lets you enjoy your favorite recipes on your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re backpacking in the mountains, along one of California’s many hiking trails or out in the wild, you can bring your FireDisc California portable outdoor propane cooker along with you and set it up wherever you want to rest, enjoy the view and have a good meal.

Why You Need a FireDisc Portable Backpacking Propane Cooker in California

Our cookers are lightweight and fold down flat for easy transport. They can be set up in just seconds -- even on rugged terrain. You can cook for over two hours using a propane canister that weighs just over a pound. When you’re finished, just clean your FireDisc with water and disassemble it as quickly as you set it up.

Your backpacking “meals” no longer have to be limited to protein bars and sandwiches. Our California portable backpacking propane cooker lets you prepare food at low, medium and high temperatures all at once. You can cook healthy, delicious meals wherever you go.

The Durability of Our California Portable Outdoor Propane Cooker Is Unsurpassed

Our cookers are made from ultra-high carbon steel and powder coated at 450 degrees. They come with a 5-year warranty, but they’re built to last for generations. FireDisc users have taken them into the most remote, wild terrain on Earth in just about every weather condition imaginable. You can read some of their testimonials here on our website.

While the FireDisc is durable and portable enough to take backpacking, camping, boating, fishing and hunting, it’s attractive and versatile enough to use for all of your backyard cooking. You can make Tex-Mex, stir fry, soups, veggies and just about anything to suit your family and friends’ tastes.

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You can get our portable outdoor propane cooker in California at many hardware and outdoors retailers as well as through online retailers like Amazon. For more information about the FireDisc, view our California portable backpacking propane cooker in our products page. Take us along on your next backpacking adventure.