Cover / Jacket / Sheath - Fireman Red 36 (LIMITED EDITION)

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Cover / Jacket / Sheath - Fireman Red 36 (LIMITED EDITION)
$64.99 USD

  • Handmade from 1680D oxford PVC heavy duty weatherproof material

  • 22” Cover diameter and is custom to fit the handles

  • 36" Tall

  • 2 lbs. in weight

  • Folds to 36" max Height in any automobile in a 5" wide space

  • Portability and folds up flat


The 36" Fireman Red Cover for FireDisc® Cooker is Handmade from 1680D oxford PVC heavy duty weatherproof material. It has a 22” Cover diameter and is custom to fit over the FireDisc® handles.  It is just 2 lbs. in weight. This 36” inch cover fits the 36” FireDisc® cooker.  This cover also includes a convenient zipper storage pouch.

You can appreciate the finer things in life. You can also appreciate a cooker that was built tough, which is why you’ve already invested in a FireDisc® cooker during your search for the best portable cookers. While your cooker was built tough and can surely take a good beating from Mother Nature as well as any tail gating party, it’s still important to keep your cooker covered with a FireDisc® Cover when not in-use.

This superior quality cover will help to preserve the life of your cooker, further increasing the chances that your new cooker that you’re so proud to own will last you a complete lifetime of camping, fishing, hunting, and backyard barbecues. These covers have been custom designed and are completely handmade for FireDisc®'s valued family of cooker owners.

Made from a highly-durable 1680D oxford PVC heavy-duty weatherproof material, the FireDisc® Cover  will provide protection to any one of our premium gas cookers through wind, rain, and even snow. Backed with a 1-year complementary warranty, we challenge our portable cooker owners to put this outdoor cooker cover to the test. Buy your cover today and become one of FireDisc®’s satisfied cover owners. Dress your camping cookers with the best – the original FireDisc® Cover.


Our FireDisc Cookers along with our parts & accessories are virtually impossible to break. If you already own one, then you understand why and if not then you will see under the DESCRIPTION as why it is so difficult to break, harm or destroy our FireDisc Cookers. However, if by chance in this unpredictable and wild world ones does somehow break we do offer and stand behind a 5 year limited warranty.

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