Disc Cooker Accessories

You already know that you love the portable cookers we make here at FireDisc, but you also want the disc cooker accessories to go along with it. Don't worry. We've got you covered.

When we set out to make the FireDisc cookers, we wanted to revolutionize this space. We wanted to give you the optimal cooking experience in any location. That starts with our absolute commitment to quality, but we knew it had to go beyond the cookers themselves. We also needed to provide all of the outdoor disc burner accessories that people would use with their new grills, as well as some excellent disc cooker recipes to get them started. And that's just what we decided to do. 

Outdoor Disc Burner Accessories We Offer

You can buy all of the accessories you need right on our website, making the shopping experience easier than ever and ensuring that all of the accessories perfectly work with your new grill. Some of the options we offer include:

  • Our high-quality cooking utensils – The Ultimate Cooking Weapon and the Ultimate Frying Weapon – that are designed specifically for use on this high-caliber steel cooking surface.
  • A propane adaptor so that, if you want, you can swap out the small 16-ounce propane canisters for the full-sized 20-pound propane canisters.
  • Our specially designed wind helmet to help in adverse conditions.
  • A fireman red grill cover to protect your grill if you want to leave it outside instead of breaking it down and bringing it in.
  • A cutting board made from beautiful bamboo. It features a built-in knife sharpener for your convenience.
  • A tie-down cable lock to protect your grill in public settings, such as at a tailgate.

These are just a handful of the disc cooker accessories that we offer, but you can see that we're committed to making outdoor cooking as great for our customers as it can possibly be. You'll love our product line.

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If you want to learn more about parts, accessories, outdoor disc burner recipes or how to order, view our disc cooker accessories in our products page here.