FIREDISC® Nation, we are excited to announce our new show – Fired Up Live with Claudia Hoyser! At FIREDISC® it is all about good food, great music, and enjoying time with family and friends. The memories we make during these special times are the heart and soul of our brand.

The new show gives fans a first-hand look at the FIREDISC lifestyle, provides a chance to meet some of our special friends, and showcase their musical talents. Most of all, it is an opportunity for fans to kick back and enjoy some fantastic entertainment. Join us on the second  Wednesday of each month at 7 pm ET for Fired Up Live with Claudia Hoyser – we’ll have live music, Q&As, giveaways, and more!

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Fired Up Live | Episode 1
Claudia Hoyser hosts Fired Up Live’s first episode, with a special guest, Steve Rice, frontman for No Justice, a Red Dirt/Texas Country band out of Stillwater, Okla. Claudia and Steve share stories about life and the music business and perform live.

Fired Up Live | Episode 2
Cody Canada, the rock/alt music star and member of FIREDISC Nation, joins host Claudia Hoyser for Episode 2. Claudia and Cody talk about staying positive in tough times, family life, and where he’ll take his FIREDISC. Don’t miss their live performances.

Fired Up Live | Episode 3
Legendary country music artist Pam Tillis joins Claudia Hoyser, talking creativity during the lockdown, Tik Tok duets, and Pam’s new record. Both give wonderful live performances, too. Claudia answers some fun questions, including how she got connected with FIREDISC.

Fired Up Live | Episode 4
As Claudia Hoyser says from the outset, she’s the host and the special guest for this one. Claudia kicks things off with an original piece and shares a little more about who she is. This episode features music videos of Claudia’s music, too.

Fired Up Live | Episode 5
Claudia Hoyser hosts Fired Up Live, with a special guest, American actor – C. Thomas Howell. Great stories, lot’s of laughs and C. Thomas Howell’s first live performance with his favorite guitar. Learn how these two met during these crazy times!