Built to haul. Cooks it all. It’s more than a mantra. It’s what founders of FIREDISC® founders, Hunter and Griff Jaggard, set out to accomplish from the inception of the brand back in 2010.  FIREDISC® believes in building the best, to cook the best, so cookers can be handed down from one generation to the next. FIREDISC® products are made from only the finest ultra-high carbon steel and then powder-coated via a unique process that results in extreme durability and the ultimate in versatile cookability.

FIREDISC® is a batch above the rest. Quite literally. Similar to the finest of whiskeys and bourbons, FIREDISC® Cookers  are made in batches. Each batch of FIREDISC® Cookers has a unique pore pattern that results in different seasoning characteristics.


What Batch do you have?


Batch 18-101 Released January 2018

You’re an ice fisherman, duck hunter, deer hunter. You love that your FIREDISC® Cooker can come along for the hunt to cook your wild game in the field. You probably seasoned your FIREDISC® with venison bacon, and if you didn’t, you sure are wishing you had now. You’re Batch 18-101 and thinking about joining Batch 18-102, too.

Ambassadors in your Batch: 

Batch 18-102 Released July 2018

You’re the life of the party, the grill master, the tailgating, stow-it-and-go kind of person. You’re all about your burger, brats, steak and veggies and appreciate the superior flavor you get from using your seasons-better-than-a-cast-iron-skillet FIREDISC®. This may or may not be your 2nd FIREDISC® , oh wait it’s your third? We’ll keep ‘em coming for you…

Ambassador in your Batch: