Cowboy Wok Grill in Florida

You need the ultimate Florida cowboy wok grill for tailgating, hiking, backpacking, hunting and fishing. Why suffer any longer with packaged meals, unappetizing lunches and cold dinners? Why force yourself to use a low-quality portable stove that barely heats the food and is more trouble than it's worth?

With the Florida cowboy wok cooker from FireDisc, you get a high-quality steel cooking surface that seals in flavor just like cast iron. You get incredible portability and easy set-up that takes just a few seconds. You get two hours of cooking time off of a 16-ounce propane canister. That's how portable cooking should be. With our cowboy wok grill in Florida, you get the delicious meals you crave anywhere you go. 

Focusing on Quality

There are a lot of perks when you choose our Florida cowboy wok cooker. You'll love the options for stand height, pan depth and finish color. You'll enjoy our selection of premium recipes. You'll like the 5-year warranty and the peace of mind that it gives you.

But one thing our customers always rave about is quality. It's there in every little detail. The cooker is incredibly well built. The steel cooking surface is flawless. The propane hook-up is reliable and easy to use. When you set this up, it feels as nice as cooking on expensive home grills that cost twice as much. You're not cutting corners or settling for a lower overall quality. You're getting the premium experience in a portable form. That's why the Florida cowboy wok grill is changing the way that people cook on the go.

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