Outdoor Disc Cooker in Florida

The next time you go hunting or fishing with your buddies and you want to take the lead in cooking for the group, give your friends something to be envious about with a new FireDisc Cooker. This Florida outdoor disc cooker is an innovative new product in outdoor cooking that combines maximum-portability with culinary excellence and high-quality construction. 

The FireDisc Cooker is perfect for casual grilling in the backyard or while you’re out camping, but it’s also your top choice for food quality, and there’s no other grill you’d want in front of you for a BBQ competition or a dinner where you really need to impress. It’s an outdoor disc cooker in Florida designed to be a versatile grill ready for all of those different needs and situations. 

The Florida Plow Disc Cooker That Grills Like a Dream

With 22 inches of non-stick cooking surface that seasons like cast iron, the opportunities are endless. You can grill up to eight burgers at once, and you can even take advantage of the three separate temperature zones to cook different foods simultaneously, all at the perfect heat level. With a deep pan that can hold up to five gallons, you can make delicious stews or even heat your Florida outdoor disc cooker up for some deep frying. 

This grill breaks down into three simple pieces for easy transportation and set-up. It’s built out of ultra-high carbon steel and powder-coated for maximum heat resistance, which gives you a grill that’s ready to last for generations. Just pack a 16 oz. tank of propane and show your family what grilling excellence tastes like with your plow disc cooker in Florida.

Pick out Your Florida Plow Disc Cooker Today

Check out FireDisc Cookers online to learn more and reach out to us with any questions you have. Order your grill today if you’re ready to upgrade your grill, and explore the testimonials and recipes on our website shared by customers just like you. View our outdoor disc cookers in Florida now!