Product Info Questions

1 What is a FIREDISC Cooker?

FireDisc is the ultimate portable propane cooker. It can boil, blacken, fry, sear and accommodate any recipe or environment you can throw at it.

2 Can I contact FIREDISC?

If you have questions, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@firedisccookers.com or call us at (281)206-2678

3 Where can I buy FIREDISC products?

On our website you can search for a certified FireDisc retailer near you. If there are no retailers near you, simply order online.

4 I just got my FIREDISC Cooker, what do I do now?

Simply wash it once with soap and water. Dry it off, set it up per the instructions and owner’s manual enclosed in the box, and you’re ready to cook!

5 How tough is my FIREDISC Cooker?

All FireDisc products have been tested to outlast and outperform the toughest outdoor environments on the planet by some of the most respected outdoorsmen in the U.S. Please see the FireDisc Ambassador page for testimonials.

6 What type of steel is my FIREDISC Cooker made from?

The FireDisc Cooker is made from ultra-high-carbon steel. Carbon steel has similar properties to cast iron, so you treat it the same as your best cast-iron cookware. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

7 What’s the coating on my FIREDISC Cooker?

Each and every FireDisc Cooker is powder-coated with a thermoplastic pure silicone resin that’s electrostatically baked on at up to 450 degrees to form a non-penetrating skin compound.

8 Will my FIREDISC Cooker rust?

Left unseasoned and exposed to too much moisture, your FireDisc® Cooker will rust. In case of rust, don’t worry - it’s only surface rust. It can be easily removed by using Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser & polish or a mixture of baking soda and water, depending on the severity. Remember to always apply a light coating of cooking oil after cleaning ti help prevent rust developing.

9 How long will my FIREDISC Cooker last?

If properly cared for, it should last a lifetime. The FireDisc Cooker was designed to be a product so durable, you can hand it down to your grandchildren.

10 Can I use charcoal with my FIREDISC Cooker?

No, it’s a gas cooker. No messing around with charcoal or ashes!

11 Which propane tanks work with my FIREDISC Cooker?

The FireDisc LP regulator is designed to run off a 16.4-oz. “green” propane tank and is also adaptable to a 20-lb. propane tank by using the 4-foot FireDisc conversion adapter LP hose.

12 Can I use a universal LP adaptor hose with my FIREDISC Cooker?

We recommend you use the FireDisc conversion adapter LP hose.

13 Does my FIREDISC Cooker work with natural gas?


14 How do I light my FIREDISC Cooker?

You can light it with a long match (fireplace type) or long lighter. Turn on the propane, then light underneath. Turn off when not in use. Refer to the safety and warranty booklet enclosed in the box

15 How hot will my FIREDISC Cooker get?

The surface temperature varies depending on the 3 cooking zones within the bowl. The center red zone can get up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the middle orange zone can get up to 300 degree Fahrenheit, and the yellow outer zone can get 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need more heat, FireDisc offers the FirePower™ orifice to achieve even higher temperatures for additional horsepower for feeding large groups or for quicker boiling with larger liquid quantities.

16 What’s the best way to store my FIREDISC Cooker?

After cleaning and applying a thin protective coating of cooking oil to the walled disc, you can cover your cooker with the FireDisc® Cover or store it inside the garage. If you live in a humid region or near salt water, make sure you cover it well to keep it from too much exposure to the air. Always remember to season your disc well before storing for any long length of time.

17 How many BTUs will my FIREDISC Cooker produce?

+/- 30,000 BTUs

18 What color should the flame from my FIREDISC burner be?

An efficiently burning blue flame tinged with slight orange is designed into every FireDisc® product. If you have questions, please contact our customer service team.

19 I noticed what looks like frost on my 16.4 oz. green propane tank. Is this normal?

Yes. Perfectly normal. This will vary based upon weather conditions, altitude and cooking environment.

20 The regulator on my FIREDISC Cooker doesn’t seem to work (or displays low flame or low heat). What should I do?

The regulator and conversion hose is equipped with a gas-leak protection device. If the knob was turned to the low position or pushed in when you attached the 16.4 oz. “green” canister, or if you attached the hose and turned on the 20-lb. tank too fast, it could have sensed a leak and shut down. Please follow these steps with the 16.4-oz.


  1. Turn off the regulator, making sure the regulator knob is in the full off position. (It should not be pushed down/in.)
  2. Unhook the canister.
  3. Double-check the regulator knob to ensure it’s in the off position
  4. Wait 1 to 2 minutes, then attach the canister and re-light. This will reset the safety valve.

If this occurs with a conversion hose hooked up to a 20-lb. tank, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn off the regulator, making sure the regulator knob is in the full off position. (It should not be pushed down/in.)
  2. Turn off the main gas valve on the 20-lb. tank.
  3. Unhook the hose from the regulator and then the tank. (Do this in a well-ventilated area, since gas will drain from the hose.)
  4. Wait 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Hook up the hose again to the 20-lb. tank and then the regulator.
  6. Slowly turn on the 20-lb. tank valve and allow the gas to fill the hose.
  7. Re-light.

For further questions, please email our customer service team at customerservice@firedisccookers.com, or call us at (281) 206-2678.

21 Which FIREDISC Cooker should I buy?

All FireDisc products provide the same cooking functionality…beyond that, the height and weight preference is up to you.

22 How much does my FIREDISC Cooker weigh?

The FireDisc® Cooker 24-Inch weighs 55 lbs.; the FireDisc® Cooker 36-Inch weighs 60 lbs.

23 What FIREDISC accessories go with my cooker?

FireDisc provides a wide range of unique accessories for all ranges of cooking functions and is constantly coming out with new and innovative products to purchase. Please check the accessory section of our website for a full list, functionality and product descriptions.

24 How do I clean my FIREDISC Cooker?

After the initial cleaning of the FireDisc Cooker (after unpacking and before using), routine cleaning of your cooker is easy. After cooking, simply wash out the disc with water and wipe clean with a dry towel. If you need to deep clean, simply set the cooker on high and allow the disc to heat for about 8 minutes. In a circular motion, pour a good amount of ice water, including ice, into the disc. Let the water boil and cool down, then wipe the disc clean. Repeat as needed. If stubborn food remains, allow the disc to cool, use a good non-metal scouring brush add salt, scrub clean, rinse, and wipe dry. Using the salt will not harm the seasoned disc. After cleaning, don’t forget to add a light layer of vegetable or canola oil to the disc to prevent rusting.

25 Can I use soap on my FIREDISC Cooker?

Nope! Using soap or chemicals will strip the seasoning from the pan. You can always re-season it, but after you get the perfect cooking surface, why do it over again?

26 I noticed the bottom of the FIREDISC Cooker is black. Is this normal?

After repeated use, eventually the direct flame touching the bottom of the disc will cause it to discolor. No worries; this is normal. The disc is made from 11-gauge carbon steel, so any thought of a hole burning through the disc should be put to rest.

27 Should I use a cover on my FIREDISC Cooker?

To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment, FireDisc recommends you care for your cooker when not in use by protecting it with a FireDisc® Cover.

28 Can I incorporate my FIREDISC Cooker into an outdoor kitchen?

Yes, many customers have done it. FireDisc recommends you contact a professional to build and install.

29 How do I get replacement parts for my FIREDISC Cooker?

FireDisc offers replacement parts directly on our website. See details here. You can also contact our customer service team at customerservice@firedisccookers.com or call us at (281) 206-2678.

30 Where are FIREDISC products manufactured?

FireDisc products are manufactured overseas in several countries.

31 Can I use my FIREDISC Cooker in another country?

All FireDisc® products should be purchased in the country where they will be used. Along with certifications, variables from country to country in gas mixtures, gas pressures, regulators, fittings and gas cylinders prevent them from being compatible outside their country of origin. FireDisc Cookers cannot be converted for use in another country. All warranties are void when transported from the country of origin.

32 Can I feed a lot of people with one FIREDISC Cooker?

FireDisc® is already setting records on numbers of people fed in one hour on a single cooker. We recommend you put it to the test and set your own record! Tell us about it with a picture on our Facebook page.

33 How do I start cooking on the FIREDISC Cooker?

After assembling the unit, attach either a small green propane tank or use our conversion hose to tie in your large propane tank. Add about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the pan/disc, coating it. Turn the gas to “high” and light the fire with a long-stem grill lighter. You’re all set! Now cook right in the pan!

34 The burner seems to “backfire” when I turn off the regulator. Is this normal?

This is normal. However, if backfiring ever occurs during cooking or when the regular is on, and you have not run out of gas, immediately turn off the regulator and do not try to re-light. Refer the safety and/or owner’s manual for re-lighting instructions.

Ask The Chef

1 Can I boil water in my FIREDISC Cooker?

Yes. A FireDisc Cooker has been known to rock a shrimp boil and, in fact, was designed to do so.

2 Can I add oil to my FIREDISC Cooker?

Yes. In fact, with the contoured design and unmatched thickness of the FireDisc Cooker’s surface, you can fry with less oil and still keep the heat you need. Everybody wins. Even your health.

3 What type of oil is best to use with my FIREDISC Cooker?

Oil is a matter of personal preference. We recommend you stay away from crude oil and oils from endangered species, like whale blubber. Also stay away from peanut oil in case of allergies among your favorite guests.

4 Should I wipe down my FIREDISC Cooker with cooking oil after use?

Yes. Always wipe the pan/disc after every use.

5 What does Chef Tested & Approved mean?

The Chef Tested / Chef Approved Certification is a guarantee of product reliability and product quality. Only products that undergo rigorous testing and scrutiny by industry-leading experts receive this certification.

6 What cooking methods and dishes can my FIREDISC Cooker take on?

Sauté, sear, fry, roast, broil, boil, steam, braise and stir fry anything! The FireDisc® Cooker is the most versatile grill on the market. You can cook everything from fried fish to chili to burgers. To see just a variety of dishes you can cook, check out our great recipes.

7 Can I fry in my FIREDISC Cooker?

Yes, you can! Wings, fish, hush puppies - you can fry it all. The FireDisc® Cooker retains more heat and uses less oil than your average deep-fryer cooker.

8 Can I cook steaks on my FIREDISC Cooker?

Of course! Try this delicious Jack Daniels steak recipe here.

9 How do I season my FIREDISC Cooker?

See the owner’s manual for seasoning instructions. The process may take an hour or so to do correctly. If you prefer, simply cook some bacon on your cooker 2 or 3 times to achieve a good level of seasoning. Now you have two great things - a seasoned FireDisc and bacon!

10 Where do I find recipes for my FIREDISC Cooker?

You can find all kinds of great recipes for your FireDisc Cooker on our website. Click here!

11 Can I fry turkeys in my FIREDISC Cooker?

No, the FireDisc Cooker is not built for whole-bird frying. You can fry buffalo wings, small chicken parts, etc., but not whole turkeys or chickens.

Other Questions

1 What are FIREDISC operating hours?

M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

2 Can my company incorporate its brand logo with FIREDISC Cookers?

Yes, FireDisc works with several corporations through our corporate/custom logo program. See details here.

3 How do I apply for a career with FIREDISC?

Apply for a position here.

4 Will FIREDISC sponsor my fundraiser or team?

Yes, FireDisc is proud to sponsor a number of nonprofit fundraising events, partnering with TV, radio and media outlets. To get more information about our sponsorship program, please click click here or contact our team at sponsorship@firedisccookers.com, or call us at (281) 206-2678.

5 What is the FIREDISC warranty policy?

FireDisc offers a 5-year warranty on all products.

6 Will FIREDISC ship to a PO box?

FireDisc ships ground service within the contiguous U.S. and Alaska. We do not ship to PO boxes, and we kindly ask that you place a street address in the “Ship to” field.

7 Where do FIREDISC products ship from?

FireDisc® ships from several of our fulfilment warehouses located across the continental U.S.

8 Does FIREDISC ship internationally?

FireDisc currently does not ship internationally. However, we do ship to Florida for our current Caribbean retailers.

9 Will I receive a notification or a tracking number when my FIREDISC order ships?

Yes, you will. When your package is scanned by our shipping provider, it automatically sends you an email with the tracking number included. If you have questions, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@firedisccookers.com or call us at (281) 206-2678.

10 What is the story behind how FIREDISC was founded?

Please see our Story page.

11 Where is the FIREDISC corporate headquarters?

We are based in Houston, Texas!


16840 Barker Springs Rd, Suite C300, Houston, TX 77084

  • T: (281) 206-2678
  • F: (832) 201-9848
  • E: customerservice@firedisccookers.com
  • H: M-F, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM