Outdoor Skillet in Louisiana

Are you looking for a portable outdoor cooker that’s durable enough to last year after year, but lightweight and portable enough to bring to all of your outdoor adventures? Some of the world’s most experienced outdoorsmen rely on the FireDisc Louisiana outdoor skillet for easy, delicious cooking wherever they go.

What Makes This Louisiana Outdoor Cooking Device Stand Apart from the Others?

First, our FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker is made using a unique process to last a lifetime with simple routine care. We back all of our FireDisc products with a 5-year warranty in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

The FireDisc Louisiana outdoor skillet consists of just three pieces that can be assembled without tools in seconds. When you’re finished using your FireDisc, rinse it off and take it apart. It folds flat for easy transportation in your car, boat or even with your backpacking gear. It runs on a portable propane tank that weighs just 16.4 ounces.

The FireDisc “Cooks it All”

That’s part of our slogan because our Louisiana outdoor cooking device has three separate surfaces that let you prepare food and high, medium and low temperatures all at once. Whether you choose our smaller wok-style design or our deep dish outdoor skillet in Louisiana, you’ll never be limited to traditional outdoor cooking fare again. You can make fajitas, stews, vegetable dishes, breakfast and even dessert on the FireDisc.

You can purchase your FireDisc outdoor cooking device in a Louisiana store near you or from online retailers.

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