Outdoor Steel Cooker in Louisiana

If you’re looking for a portable outdoor cooker that’s made to stand up to virtually every kind of weather, you can’t beat the FireDisc Louisiana outdoor steel cooker. Our portable propane cooker has been subjected to the most extreme climate conditions and terrain throughout the world and holds up beautifully.

What Makes Our Louisiana Outdoor Cast Iron Cooker Different from the Others?

We powder coat our FireDisc stand and burner with a thermoplastic pure silicone resin. That premium resin is baked to form a protective skin that is virtually impenetrable. We back up our cooker with a 5-year warranty, but it’s made to last a lifetime with routine care and pass down to future generations.

Unlike many outdoor cast iron cookers in Louisiana, the FireDisc is lightweight and portable enough to bring along no matter where your outdoor adventures take you. It’s perfect for camping, boating and even backpacking.

The three-piece Louisiana outdoor steel cooker can be assembled in seconds and set up anywhere – including uneven terrain. With a portable propane tank that weighs just over a pound, you can cook for over two hours. When you’re finished cooking, just rinse it with water and disassemble it (again, in seconds).

With our Louisiana outdoor cast iron cooker, you can prepare virtually any type of food you like. You can cook up the fish you catch or prepare stir fry, Tex-Mex, vegetarian meals, soups, stews and just about anything you’d like. The FireDisc seasons your food so that it tastes like you made it at home.

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You can buy your outdoor steel cooker in Louisiana at hardware and outdoor equipment stores or order it online at retailers including Amazon for delivery directly to your door. View our Louisiana outdoor steel cookers in our products page here. Find out why we say the FireDisc is “Built to Haul” and “Cooks It All.”