Portable Tailgate Cooker in Louisiana

Take your preparation for the big game up a notch with the best Louisiana portable tailgate BBQ grill. At FireDisc, we're going to make sure yours is the tailgate at which everyone wants to be. The best food. The most options. The life of the party. It's all possible with our high-quality Louisiana portable tailgate cooker.

Elegant and Durable Design

The beauty of our portable tailgate BBQ grill in Louisiana is that it is both simple and robust, elegant and durable, easy to use and as powerful as anything you'll find at home. The entire cooker is focused around three base parts, which you can hook together in just seconds to set up. From there, you get a high-caliber steel cooking surface, two hours of grilling on just one 16-ounce propane canister and a 24- or 36-inch stand that makes grilling easy at any height.

The Louisiana portable tailgate cooker features two different options for cooking surfaces – shallow and deep – but both give you our special steel surface that seasons just like cast iron. You can seal in that great flavor from one meal to the next. 

These cooking surfaces are versatile and allow you to cook anything you want, really giving you a larger surface and far more options than you'd have with a traditional grill. On our Louisiana portable tailgate BBQ grill, you can make chicken, steak, brats, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and far more. If you're tailgating all day, start it off right with eggs and bacon. After all, you can clean the surface quickly with nothing more than water and start right in on the second course. 

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