Outdoor Skillet in Lubbock TX

Preparing a delicious meal for your large group of outdoor adventurers is often a daunting task. When you are forced to pack large charcoal grills, heavy bags of charcoal and a wide array of tools it can quickly take the fun out of your campfire grilling experience. Fortunately, with our new Lubbock outdoor skillet, the FireDisc, preparing a scrumptious meal for your large group is fun and easy. The FireDisc’s highly durable, lightweight design sets up in seconds and allows you to cook for over two hours after attaching just one, small 16-ounce propane tank.

Easily Cook Mouth-Watering Meals on Our New Lubbock Outdoor Skillet

FireDisc is ideal for your hunting expeditions, fishing trips, a fun weekend camping trip with the family or even a Sunday afternoon backyard barbeque. Its compact design goes with you everywhere your adventures take you. Trust our revolutionary new Lubbock outdoor cooking device to make your outdoor grilling experience exceptional.

Our outdoor skillet in Lubbock TX will excite your taste buds with each meal because, like a cast-iron skillet, it seasons over time. Some of the numerous features the FireDisc offer customers across the country include: 

  • No-hassle set up
  • Cleans up quickly with only water and a paper towel
  • Smoke-free cooking
  • Circular deign to get everyone in on the meal preparation
  • Over-sized 22” cooking surface
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Plus so much more!

Would you prefer Jet Black or Fireman Red coloring for your new FireDisc? Give one of our friendly team members a call today and place your order. Choose either the 24- or 36-inch-deep surface for your new Lubbock outdoor cooking device today.

Learn More About the New Outdoor Cooking Device in Lubbock TX

Visit our variety of products, including our FireDisc outdoor skillet. Order online today on our website, or even our Amazon store. We look forward to being involved in your next outdoor adventure.