Final Pursuit TV

Perfect for the outdoorsman, FireDisc® gives you the ultimate portability and ease of cooking with little effort. FireDisc® is a must for every hunting camp as it heats up fast with just a 16.4oz propane canister. With it’s 22’ cooking space and 5 gallon capacity, you have a variety of items you can cook, boil or fry. FireDisc® also seasons like a cast iron skillet, so you will always have that great flavor and cleans up is easily with just water. FireDisc® will continue to change the outdoor cooking industry for the outdoor fanatic on-the-go! The goal will be to always provide high-end, innovative products and accessories designed for the hunter, fisherman, camper, outdoor enthusiast. A FireDisc® portable propane cooker is built to haul and cooks it all.

Final Pursuit TV is featured on the Pursuit Channel, Hunt Channel and Gen7 Outdoors.