Scales Advertising

“There’s no way anyone will pay $400 for a cooler.” That’s what people said when Scales discovered a startup cooler brand at a fishing trade show. Scales coined the now-iconic slogan "Wildly stronger! Keep ice longer!" and guided YETI Coolers from a small regional brand to the national powerhouse they are today. Recently the Scales team was introduced to FireDisc and the brand struck a similar chord. Scales and FireDisc are happily collaborating and recently unveiled the new FireDisc slogan, “Built to Haul, Cooks It All.” Scales is a full-service agency that has been building brands for over 40 years. They’re dedicated to giving clients the personal attention they deserve while providing the broad capabilities they need. Directing brands to succeed with insightful strategies and boundless creativity is what keeps the Scales team coming into work each day, eager to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Well, that and the occasional promise of donuts. So, buckle up and get ready to watch the FireDisc brand become the YETI of portable propane cookers, courtesy of its powerful collaboration with Scales.