Conor Moran

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Hometown: Houston, TX

I have cook on a number of grills in my life and I honestly challenge anyone to find a grill that is more versatile and durable than a FireDisc” The FireDisc will literally be that last grill you will ever want to own.

A native Houstonian, Chef Conor shows you how to maximize the daily use of your FireDisc Grill. Creative recipes inspired from his travels overseas along with simple but delicious family style meals are his specialty. Let us show you just how much more you can cook on the FireDisc! Conor has been working in restaurants since the age of fifteen, Chef Conor has called Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, and now Houston his home. Blending inspirations from his international adventure and Irish-Italian roots, Chef Conor loves to combine dishes with different regional flavors. Prior to becoming a Copper Chef, he held the prestigious position of executive chef at Houston’s landmark Italian restaurant Lomonte’s.

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