Outdoor Cooking Griddle

At FireDisc, our outdoor cooking woks give you a versatile cooking machine that is powerful and portable at the same time. Cook any style of food you want on the high-quality steel cooking surface; with options for deep and shallow edges, you get the flexibility you want and no meal is off limits. Plus, with a design that sets up in just seconds, this is an incredibly portable grill that you can take anywhere.

Extras and Gear for Outdoor Cooking Griddles

We make more than just portable disc cookers. We provide you with any outdoor cooking equipment you need. A grill cover and a locking tie-down to keep your grill protected? Check. Cooking and frying utensils specially made for this steel surface? Check. Propane adaptors and replacement parts? Check and check.

The reality is this: We stand behind our products. 100 percent. That's why we offer you all of the outdoor cooking equipment you need. We know you'll love this grill and we want to make using it easy and enjoyable. It's also why we offer a 5-year warranty. While many other portable designs leave something to be desired, we don't. The quality you get from our outdoor cooking woks is unmatched.

Starter Recipes

One thing a lot of people ask when first looking at these portable grills is what they're designed to cook, specifically. People want to do more than just fry up steak, chicken, eggs, bacon and other traditional foods. They want to make gourmet meals on the go. We think that's awesome, so we have a whole list of starter recipes you can try. Let us show you just how much this grill can do.

How to Contact Us

If you want to check out the grills, put in an order or learn more about our outdoor cooking gear, please view our outdoor cooking griddles in our product pages. You can also enter your email address below.