Portable Outdoor Propane Cooker

If you’re tired of limiting your backpacking meals to granola bars, sandwiches and protein shakes, FireDisc’s portable backpacking propane cooker is for you. At FireDisc, we know that every pound and every inch of gear needs to be essential. That’s why the FireDisc portable outdoor propane cooker is perfect for backpacking and camping trips.

What Makes FireDisc’s Portable Backpacking Cooking Equipment Unique?

The three-piece stand and cooking surface are completely collapsible, so they take up very little room. Set-up and take-down are super easy and can be done in just seconds, with no tools required. It can run on a small propane canister that weighs just over a pound. The unique design lets you place your cooker on uneven ground, so you can stop for a meal just about anywhere you want to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Our portable backpacking propane cooker can boil, sear, simmer and fry. It has multiple cooking surfaces that let you prepare three different foods at varying temperatures. When you’re finished, it rinses off easily. All you need is water.

Our Portable Outdoor Propane Cooker Is Perfect for All Outdoor Cooking

The FireDisc is the only cooker you’ll need. It’s great for camping, fishing, boating and hunting trips. It’s also perfect for tailgate parties. The FireDisc is even available in team colors. If you stay home and watch the game or just want to have a backyard party, it’s perfect for that, too. Because it’s so easy to use, you can spend more time visiting with your friends and less time dealing with the cooker. The round shape is perfect for bringing people together.

All of our portable outdoor cooking equipment carries the FireDisc 5-year limited warranty. However, our cookers are built from durable material that’s designed to work and look great for a lifetime of use, with just simple care.

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