Portable Camping Propane Cooker

If you’re looking for a portable camping propane cooker that will let you cook all of your family’s favorite meals while you’re away from home, then FireDisc is for you. Our portable RV propane cookers are small and lightweight enough to take wherever your adventures lead you, but versatile enough satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Why FireDisc Portable RV Cooking Equipment Is Unique

The FireDisc Cooker is made from durable materials that can hold up to the elements. However, it’s light enough to take backpacking and folds up flat enough to fit in small places. The 3-piece design lets you set it up and take it down in just seconds. It can cook for over two hours on a portable propane tank that weighs just 16.4 ounces. It cleans up with only water.

Our portable camping propane cooker contains three cooking surfaces that let you prepare foods at low, medium and high temperatures all at once. Why limit yourself to traditional camping food when you can cook up Tex-Mex, soups and chili, stir fry, veggies, bacon and eggs and even delicious desserts? You’ll never run out of cooking ideas. If you do, our website has tons of recipes submitted by other FireDisc users.

The Last Portable RV Propane Cooker You’ll Ever Need to Buy

All of our FireDisc portable camping cooking equipment comes with a 5-year warranty in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. However, we build our products to last for a lifetime and pass down to the next generation.

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FireDisc cookers, accessories and our “ultimate” packs are sold at store throughout the country. Just type in your address or zip code on our “Where to Buy” page. You can also buy them through leading online retailers. View our portable camping propane cooker on our product page here.