Portable Tailgate Cooker

Be the toast of the party at your next tailgate with a portable tailgate propane grill that can do it all, from traditional steaks and burgers to vegetables or even a stew or chili. The FireDisc Cooker was designed for culinary excellence without sacrificing ease or convenience.

With the FireDisc Cooker as your portable tailgate BBQ grill of choice, people can gather around the grill without smoke or the bulky grill itself getting in the way. The simple but elegant style is the perfect versatile centerpiece for any cookout or game-day grilling. It’s built to be the all-purpose outdoor cooking tool for every chef, from the most experienced to the most casual grill master.

The Portable Tailgate Cooker for a Game-Day to Remember

FireDisc Cookers come in two sizes and are made up of just three pieces for easy assembly and break-down. If you’re tired of bringing your truck when it’s your turn to cook, just stash the compact grill in your trunk and watch everyone’s faces when you pull it out to set up your portable tailgate cooking equipment. All you need is the grill itself and some propane. It’s built to use a small, convenient 16 oz. tank of green propane, but you can get an adapter to use a bigger tank if that’s more your style.

This portable tailgate propane grill went through comprehensive quality assurance testing with expert chefs before it got you. Count on an impressively sturdy non-stick pan surface and flavor like you won’t believe. The full carbon steel construction gives you a grill that won’t just deliver great-tasting food but that will stand the test of time as well.

Pick Up Your High-Performance Portable Tailgate Cooker Soon

When you’re ready to find out more and check out recipes and reviews from all the people already enjoying their FireDisc Cooker, come check out the website online and invest in the grill that’ll make game-day great.