Cam Barfield

“The FIREDISC® is the ultimate cooking machine. I take it to all of my promos, tailgates and cooking events. Nothing on the market can cook for a large number of people and product restaurant quality food.”

I am Cameron Barfield. I have always enjoyed entertaining and having fun. I grew up around the lake and camping with my friends. We started out with a small charcoal grill, plastic chairs, and anything we could use for a table. Tailgating is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide today. I love to cook and enjoy all the amazing products that are offered for the ultimate anywhere party whether in the back yard, boat, campsite, or parking lot. I am head of Marketing and Professional Services for Tailgater Magazine. “The Parking Lot Pro”, and very excited to be a part of such a great team! Many of the products featured in our magazine needed the extra advantage of demonstration and inspiration at the events we attend for buyers to see the full effect of products. That is where I come in. I showcase products in a wide variety of venues. Give me the opportunity to showcase yours.