Stacy Sissney

“I have always enjoyed cooking, but the FIREDISC® grill makes outdoor cooking so easy and fun. I love using it whether I am cooking in my backyard or if I have it out on the road. Overall, there isn’t a more universal grill on the market.”

I am originally from South East Wisconsin. I always loved doing things outdoors- camping, hiking, and fishing. I was also interested in hunting, however I never pursued hunting because it wasn’t something any of my friends did. Not too long after Jon and I were married, he started me shooting a bow and hunting, and I discovered that I did love it. I have done several different kinds of hunts and choose to use my bow over anything else, and I’d have to say I love hunting whitetail the most.

It is such a challenge and rush to be able to get them within range and then to draw back your bow so slow and steadily to make that kill shot. All of those 3-D shoots in the crazy summer heat really pay off at that point. Through His & Hers Outdoors, I hope to inspire women to try new things and say “I saw Stacy do that on TV, and so can I!”