FireDisc Professional Brand Ambassadors

FireDisc® ambassadors / pro staff are seasoned experts in their respective fields. This amazing line-up consists of amazingly talented musicians in the red dirt / americana circle, licensed chefs, hunting and fishing guides, avid outdoorsmen, and barbecue enthusiasts who live, breathe and sleep top-notch cooking. They are leaders who strive to find the best-quality products on the market. FireDisc professional ambassadors / pro staff are masters of the outdoors. These folks love to find product innovations that will enhance their outdoor adventures, and we are proud to work in collaboration with them.

We are also different in that we reward our ambassadors / pro staff for the work and efforts they put into our brand. We provide our ambassadors / pro staff members with a unique ID and coupon code so their fans/followers can earn discounts and the ambassador / pro staff can earn commissions from their social media posts and collaboration that leads to website purchases over and over.

If you are one of these individuals that want to be a part of this amazing brand, please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing your story, what you like about our products, and better yet, how we can improve them!