Jeremiah Doughty

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Hometown: Huntington Beach, ca

My name is Jeremiah Doughty with From Field To Plate. From Field To Plate was started as a way to show outdoors guys and gals how to go from field to plate with their harvested game. My goal is to show people that meat is meat and wild game meat can be delicious and look great on the plate. I started out on my cooking journey after hearing from hundreds of people that they don’t like wild game because of the “Gamey” flavor. I dislike that word so much because it’s thrown around when someone doesn’t understand how to cook it properly. I myself used to use that word until I realized that a pheasant from Montana and a mule deer from the California coast are nothing alike yet we all say they taste gamey. Understanding what the animal eats, how it lives and where it’s harvested will greatly affects how the meat tastes, as well as how you handle it in and off the field. So starting From Field To Plate has been my platform for growing and showing others the proper was of not masking the wild flavor of the meat but enhancing it. I’ve taken the ruttiest mule deer steaks that people don’t want to eat because of the strong flavor and create dishes that are gone before a word is spoken.

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