Jon Sissney

Noble, OK:

Hometown: Noble, OK

FireDisc is going to revolutionize camp cooking for sportsmen. It’s such a simple design, easy to use and built like a tank, everywhere we go we are asked about the FireDisc grill.

I was born and raised in North Central Oklahoma, and growing up in a small rural town gave me the opportunity to explore my obsession for the outdoors as a kid. I have always felt at home on a fishing bank, in a tree stand or just hiking in the woods. As the years go by the more I learn and the more I have come to love the outdoors. Now I have the opportunity to share my addiction of the outdoors with fellow friends and viewers. Through my travels and adventures with His and Hers Outdoors I hope to educate a beginner hunter or inspire an outdoor enthusiast. To me it is not all about the harvest of an animal but it is about the time spent with friends and family in the outdoors. I look forward to sharing our experiences with our audience.

My Favorite Products

  • Ultimate Cooking Weapon™

    Ultimate Cooking Weapon™


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  • FireDisc® Deep 24-inch Short Portable Cooker



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